what would be an ideal cluster at home?

First for the big players in the field. Amazon’s elastic compute cloud 2 offers servers on demand. Their resizing option is good as well. http://www.tsunamictechnologies.com/ – provides computing on demand, which closely resembles… Continue reading

a supercomputer at home

problem 1. I have too many old computers at home and I don’t know what to do about it. problem 2. I require a lot of number crunching now and then. time is… Continue reading

Casual reader’s guide to science fiction – I

Science fiction fans are looked down with some scorn likely. At least the people around me. They keep asking me why do I read such strange books. I just have no answer for… Continue reading

O-pen R-esolve to K-ill U-seful T-ime – The social network saga

The fifteenth time I type my username and password, I feel real shaky. Some faint voice from my heart gets seriously chronic. I ignore it, if possible muffle it. I click on the… Continue reading

The anatomy of a headache

Disclaimer:Whatever expressed here happened factually, right in front of my eyes. Rather, behind my eyes. I was tired of convincing myself that I was hale and healthy on Saturday evening. I was just… Continue reading

Beati pauperes spiritu, or how I got a job

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are the author’s personal ones, and as always the characters, sequences and identities are all spun impromptu. Finally, Mr.Average engineer got a job in a prestigious software company.… Continue reading

Layman’s guide to surviving in the software industry

Disclaimer: All the characters, places and supposedly copyright stuff I scribble about only exist in my subconscious. Passing resemblances to real life is sheer coincidence. Any offence regretted. Part 1: the brave new… Continue reading

“we have the papers."

“Fast man, open the door.”“Not now da, we’ll smoke after 12. There are only 3 cigarettes left.” I sounded very calculative, besides being conservative about cigarettes. “open up man.” Motu started to hiss.… Continue reading

a rescue in disguise

“abbey yaar, I do have a network cable. I’ll get it shortly.”Undoubltedly, it was Shiv. I didn’t know why I had a prejudice against many short and self-centered people in the wide world,… Continue reading


“we are now a part of the whole conspiracy theory because we need to be united now.” asserted Rahul. “but how are we to help?” “don’t you understand by the way the henpeck… Continue reading