I could tell that I am a gamer, raver, science fiction fan and some other cool things about myself. But then I would just be trying to flash off my minuscule ego somewhere in the western arm of a large spiral. I would rather do away by telling the truth.

I ama human manifestation of an intelligent species from a planet called juxtraposox in the solar system of Orion. Having being selected on a special mission by my fellow species to figure out whether there is another intelligent life form other than ours, I set foot on earth. In the process, I just can’t roam about in a slimy green anthromorphic form and arouse your fear and curiosity alike. So, I adopt a human holomorph (It cost a fortune back in our planet mind you!) and human traits like a day job, peculiarities, likes, dislikes, intelligence and stupidity. When I am not “holomorph”-ing, I blog here, which transmits these content into juxtraposese and beams at a speed faster than light back home.

Sometimes I play computer games to kill time.