a brave new year

Here are some awful truths I’ve realized in 2009.
1. New year resolutions don’t work, but still I get tempted to sneak in a couple of them every year.
2. There is no rule which states that you have to keep blogging once you get started.
3. jquery is the best thing since salted cashews.
4. 93% of my peers haven’t heard about Joel Spolsky.
5. Nobody avails the “help” menu in a program, let alone read it.
6. Wii is better than the other 2 consoles out there.
7. Twitter is a site where a bunch of people write in 140 characters about what they’re doing, and it is a smash it.
8. wikipedia still does not display ads.
9. India actually has 3G.
10. vi is good, emacs is wow!
11. python 3 is an indication of how reluctant people are to change.
12. Atwood’s law is slowly becoming a reality.
13. If you put “green” before any concept, it has greater chances of selling.
14. Copenhagen accord was a colossal waste of time and money.
15. Steve Yegge is a real person. I even stumbled upon a photo of him.
16. Java still seems weird, and I hope scala takes over the world by a storm.