The Big company gets it wrong again

Nothing beats plain old paper and pen for discussing ideas and brainstorming. No matter what web technologies you have, its a far cry. I always carry a pen and a notepad, because you never know when an idea might strike you.The other day, for some reason, my notepad was missing. 55433I just wanted to draw the prototype of some design. I asked most of my neighbors for paper, they didn’t have any(symptom #1 for a Big Company, your peers just work like mindless bots, no planning, thinking etc). I reached for the whiteboard. As it turned out, 2 markers were present, both dry of ink. I was aghast by the sorry state of affairs and marched straight to the guy who is in charge of all this stationery stuff. He told me he couldn’t give me any supplies directly, and that I needed to apply via a CRM portal even to get a ball point pen and a post-it note(they were stored in the next room, mind you!).
I asked him as to how to do this CRM thing. He mailed me an excel sheet morphed into a registration form to fill up. I went back to my location(2 floors away) and filled it up promptly. A couple of business days later, I got a mail telling that my request for the CRM portal registration had been approved. Another symptom of Big companies. People work slower than sloths until you push shove their asses to speed things up. That’s basically got to do with the company’s attitude in general. I logged into the portal and made a request for a notepad. Their basic design was, when I try to add a new item to the list, it pops a new window and I am supposed to click the needed items, which get appended to my list. Guess what, the pop-click-add sequence does not work in firefox. Muhahahah! After 2 days and one horrifying user experience later, I am still without a notebook. You could as well ask me why am I not placing the request in internet explorer, alas, I am having a linux distro on my machine.

Some random things which are connected to this incident:
1. nobody in my team knows till today that they could procure stuff through that CRM.
2. I got half a dozen notepads and a couple of markers stashed under my desk, just in case.
3. I started hating big company paradigms like “overdoing small things” and “needless hierarchy” with a passion.
4. Because of overwhelming (poor) response, Big Company is following similar practices in other aspects as well. They call it cost cutting.