another test post with images

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test post

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a brave new year

Here are some awful truths I’ve realized in 2009. 1. New year resolutions don’t work, but still I get tempted to sneak in a couple of them every year. 2. There is no… Continue reading


A word of note for the few souls reading this blog. I’ve started a new one. Its more about the things I tinker with on weekends and late evenings. Warning: Not for the… Continue reading

top weasel words which actually don’t mean anything in most contexts

I call them powerpoint words. Feel free to garnish them in your presentation and see your pointy haired boss go wild with joy! online learning/e-learning agent of change object oriented design(subjective) strategic meet/strategic… Continue reading

The Big company gets it wrong again

Nothing beats plain old paper and pen for discussing ideas and brainstorming. No matter what web technologies you have, its a far cry. I always carry a pen and a notepad, because you… Continue reading

how to lose customers effectively

These are some anti-case studies in user interface design. Being an Indian IT male, it is not uncommon for me to use the Internet for a lot of sundry activities. This does not… Continue reading

The day my sound card stood still

I am one of those dual boot nuts. Let me digress the details. I am not sure whether I will be able to feel at home while editing about 15 files scattered across… Continue reading

I? robot?

The author believes that computers will pass the Turing test by 2029. But, he muses what will be in store for computers after that. I never won a game of chess against humans,… Continue reading

what the big company got wrong

The opinions expressed here are the author’s own. He is not the mouthpiece of some big company. Back when I joined Big company in the silicon valley of India, I had certain outrageous… Continue reading